Ichiban Infotech (IT Services & Translation)


Ichiban Infotech ( ICHIBAN ) was founded in November 2017 by a young proprietor having a long and rich experience in the management of outsourcing of skilled resources at any location in India. ICHIBAN has very capable consultants for all domain knowledge and commitment to best practices. Initially, ICHIBAN began with meeting the service requirements of clients in the hospital industry. Gradually ICHIBAN has entered into the Banking industry and has taken up staffing for all forms of requirements in the computerized environment also.

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Support Solutions

Outsourced work for IT functions or support services. ICHIBAN Infotech have a variety of support packages which can be tailored to your requirements. The following come as standard: Unlimited Help Desk Service

Infrastructure Solutions

Whether you have a virtual network, a basic network infrastructure, or a more complex network, ICHIBAN Infotech have the skills and can assist in the following areas: Maintenance of Network Servers/ Operating Systems

Staff Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

Cisco Certified Professionals

VMware Certified Professionals

Checkpoint Certified Professionals

Juniper Certified Professionals

Data Encryption



Handholding & IT Support For Customer

In today's industrialized world, efficient personnel management is crucial for large-scale enterprises. Our Handholding Support offers a two-phased approach, analyzing current resources, forecasting needs, and deploying skilled individuals swiftly with tailored training for effective staffing solutions.


Staffing/Professional Services

Facing challenges like understaffing, tight deadlines, and evolving requirements? Don't panic. Our quality staffing/professional services swiftly address your needs, ensuring on-time, on-budget solutions. Our resources bring domain and tech expertise, resolving your problems efficiently. Access our talent pool committed to excellence, providing solutions for most IT needs.